Key Services Provided

Chillers and Boilers for Hydronic Systems
Stainless Steel Kitchen Hoods and Fans
for Food Services, Per State Codes
Geothermal Heating and Cooling
Air Conditioning and Heating
Ventilation for Factories and Large Facilities
Temperature Controls and
Energy Management Systems
Equipment Installation
Sheet Metal Fabrication and Installation
Sheet Metal Art
VRF Variable Speed Ductless Systems
up to 40 Tons

We work directly with business owners to ensure complete satisfaction with honest, personalized service and quality workmanship.

work closely with architects, building service engineers, civil engineers and equipment suppliers.

We apply innovative approaches to your heating and cooling needs to provide cost and energy efficiency.

We provide control solutions from the simple, such as occupancy sensors, to total automated web-based control of your building to help run your building as efficiently as possible.erements.

Planning and Design

Projects are designed using computer software with recommendations to ensure equipment capacity is correctly calculated, thus providing the most energy efficient solution.

Factors such as noise, energy consumption, the appropriate styling and provision for future expansion are all taken into consideration when selecting equipment. Working alongside architects and design consultants, we can provide approval drawings and present design proposals. Tthis careful planning and selection ensures a perfect conclusion.

Good design work is critical as HVAC systems account for 40% to 60% of the energy used in commercial buildings. Issues that surface after a job is completed are many times related to inferior or improper design work.

We address each of these issues early in the schematic design phase as we work closely with all project team members, including architects, engineers and general contractors. Our goal is to design a system that works within budgets, saving energy costs without sacrifice to user comfort or air quality.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We specialize in Steels, including Stainless Steels, Aluminum & Alloys and Galvanized Products. We do CNC plasma cutting, Forming and Shearing, Punching, Rolling and Bending and Prototypes to Long Runs

  • Rectangular Ductwork
  • Spiral Duct, Round or Oval
  • Housings & Coverings
  • Electrical Housings — junction boxes, framing
  • Facilities Metalwork
  • Difficult or Unusual Parts
  • Sheet Metal Art